Friday, July 24, 2015

Berlin - Zoo - part 1

After our visit to the Gedächtniskirche we did some shopping, but i didn't take pictures of that.

Next we went to the zoo!

First we went to the hippos, but they were far out in the water and hard to spot.

One of them was outside, enjoying the sun.

Next we visited the bird house.
These parrots didn't seem to like company.

They had their back to the visitors and one of them gave me the evil eye.

And this bird didn't look too friendly either.

This one was a bit more sociable.

The flamingos were pink and chatty.

But there was a sign that you couldn't stand in the flowerbeds next to the cage, so I couldn't get close enough for a chat.

I also went to visit the bears.

This bear was relaxing against a tree trunk.
I also visited the nose bears, but they were running around and too fast to catch on camera.

I know I posed with this sign in 2012 as well, but it's just a really cool sign.

Another bird giving me the evil eye.

This one seemed friendly, but was busy grooming.

His friend did have time for a small chat though.

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miki said...

^^ the birds did seem to be a little upset to have visitors^^ or they though sullivan could be a good snack^^

Hammie Hamster said...

That bear sign is very nice!