Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Package, Carrots, and an Excavation

Yes, I am supposed to tell you about Berlin, but I did something really cool yesterday, and want to show you!

But first:

I received an amazing package from Jeffe yesterday.
She sent me signed books, that she got for me at the RT Convention, chocolate, and some cool book cards. She also sent me a signed copy of The Talon of the Hawk, so I might have a giveaway of my unsigned copy at my other blog soon.

I also harvested my carrots.
They didn't get very big, because they didn't have a lot of room to grow, but they tasted great!

And now:

I got a Dino excavation kit as a souvenir from Berlin.
(I'll tell you about where I got it soon.)

There was a block inside that contained T-Rex bones, and a tool to excavate them! Isn't that the coolest!

I began digging into the block and soon...

I spotted my first T-Rex bone.

I kept digging carefully and using the little brush to clean off the dirt.

I could see more and more bones in the dirt.

Finally I managed to dig up my first T-Rex bone!

It was part of a T-Rex skull.
How cool!

I carefully worked on, removing more and more dirt, and revealing more and more bones.

A T-Rex leg!

It was so cool to see more and more bones, and to get them out of the dirt.

Finally I had found all the bones, and was left with a pile of lose dirt.

Here are all the bones I found.
A whole T-Rex skeleton.
It looked like they could be fit together, so I got to work.

See! Isn't he cool!?
I'm very proud of my hard work in getting him excavated and put together!


miki said...

your carrots does look tasty and what a great surprise you received all that + excavating a sqeletton^^ it has been a great day!

Hammie Hamster said...

That is sooooo coooool Sullivan!!!! Both, your carrots and the dinosaur!