Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter, a Book, and Dinosaurs

Last weekend it was Easter.
We visited family and painted eggs. I made a striped egg!

These are some of the other eggs.
I think the left one is some kind of zombie egg.

After the painting we had an Easter brunch with yummy food.
There were scones.

And bunny cheese.

We had a fun day and went home at the end of the afternoon.
Here's a pic I took from the train.

The next day we decided we wanted to have another go at painting eggs.

My owner's OtherHalf painted a really cool Easter Bunny egg!

Here's all the eggs we painted.
It was lots of fun.

Yesterday I received a book from Beanie.
He already sent me the first book in this series, which I read last weekend, so I'm eager to read this one.

Thanks Beanie!

And my owner got me dinosaur cookies!
Aren't they cool!?


Beanie Mouse said...

I like your zombie egg!!!

Sullivan McPig said...

My owner's nephew painted the zombie egg.
The penguin was painted by one of my owner's brothers.

Jerry and Ben said...

We love the bunny cheese and the cool penguin egg! Nice work!

miki said...

the bunnies eggs is really too cute!