Monday, April 27, 2015

Books and Courgette

I've been a bit tired, so not been doing anything really exciting.
Still there are some fun things to mention!

I received Godsquad for review.
It sounds like a really fun book, and I also got two buttons!

I got the third book of the Deadland Saga by Rachel Aukes.
This is one of the best zombie series I ever read. I'm very happy I now have all three books to hug and pet and reread as often as I want.

The courgette grew really fast, and were getting to big for the small pot they were in.

So they got replanted today to give them more room to grow.


Aurian said...

You are becoming quite the farmer Sullivan1

Bob T Bear (esq) said...

I compliment yu on yor payshuntce! Mummy plants things but then can't be botherd to plant dem on or pik dem owt!