Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Trip to Paris - The Eiffel Tower and a Cemetery - Day 4, part1

On Sunday I wanted to visit the Eiffel Tower.
We went to a square close to the tower, because from there you're supposed to have a great view on the Eiffel Tower.

Hey! Who put that wooden wall there?

Luckily we could walk around it.

This is more like it!

Me and my owner at the Eiffel Tower.

There was a cemetery close to the square and we had a look there. You could see the Eiffel tower from there.

It was a really beautiful cemetery with lots of small crypts.

And statues, like this woman in a onesie who's putting on a sword.

Lots of the statues and crypts were decaying and crumbling, but that made them all the more beautiful I think.

This one was a bit creepy in my opinion.

It was a very beautiful cemetery and I took lots of pictures.
More tomorrow.


Alexander Mackenzie Bear said...

Cool! That is a fascinating old cemetery. We don't have them like that out here on the West Coast.

Jerry and Ben said...

We've been to both of those places! The cemetery photos are really cool!