Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Trip to Paris - The Last Few Hours - Day 5, part 3

After our lunch we had a last look around at the Notre Dame.

No throwing stuff at birds, no dancing with your dog, and no cycling.

Everything looked so beautiful with the sun shining on it.

That bridge was glittering with gold it seemed.

It turned out to be hundreds of locks that were put on the bridge.
It's a kind of ritual I think, that people do in hope they'll visit Paris again some day.

Good bye, Paris.
Time to get our luggage and go to the train station.

A metro station called Sully?


How cool.

We took the metro to the hotel and got our luggage. Then we went to the train station.

The big sign in the station hall showed when the trains left.

And then we were homeward bound.

I hope we will visit Paris again sometime!


Beanie Mouse said...

Ahhh...... it's always a little sad to go home, isn't it? But now you know you have your own Metro Station in Paris!!!

Sullivan McPig said...

Yes! Having my own Metro Station is cool.
And I hope to visit Paris again soon.

Hammie Hamster said...

Thanks for showing us around in Paris, we really enjoyed it!