Saturday, April 11, 2015

A New Glass Garden

Today we went to IKEA and got an extra glass garden and some more cactus plants.

When we got home we put all the cacti in the new glass garden.

They are so awesome!

The glass garden got a place at the window, so it can get lots of sun.
(When it's not raining anyway...)

It's next to my vegetable and clover garden, which is doing well.


Jerry and Ben said...

The glass gardens look beautiful Sullivan!

Ajdin Adilovic said...

you have quite the collection there! those are beary pretty cases.. it could be a little house for a little stuffie.

Aurian said...

It looks lovely Sullivan, and now the cacti can't attack you.

miki said...

really cute.... i will need to check all your older post though because i plannd to send you a littel something but i could not remember which seeds you already had ( will need to add that one the list;)

the catis are a novelty too you are hiding a lot of littel passions

* really need to update lists of tastes*

Hammie Hamster said...

Oh! Dat gaat mooi!