Sunday, January 25, 2015

High Tea, Books, and Other Awesome Things

Today Aurian and Freya paid me and my owner a visit for our birthday!

They brought lots of books and goodies, but more about that later.

We spent a couple of hours chatting, before we went to 't Feithhuis, a restaurant in the center of Groningen.
('t Feithhuis means the Feith House. Feith being the name of a family that used to own the building the restaurant is in.)

We were going to be served a High Tea.
I got Mango tea.

And we got all these yummy snacks!

Especially the scones, muffin and quiches looked very tasty!

We had a great time tasting all those delicious snacks, and we talked some more about books, and other fun things. It was a really great afternoon.

Here's a picture of the front of the restaurant

It's right across the street from the Martini church and Martini tower.

At the end of the afternoon Aurian and Freya had to travel back to Utrecht.

I got busy with drooling over all the books and goodies:

Look at all the books I added to my collection!

We also got cider and rum from Aurian and Freya.
Yum, yum.

Aurian got us magnets, and signed bookplates and postcards from the Katherine "Kitty" Katt series by Gini Koch. It's one of our favorite series, so we're very happy with this cool present.

And last, but certainly not least:

We got a picture that Suzanne Johnson made especially for me and my owner! She sent it to Aurian, so Aurian could surprise me.
You can't see it in this picture, but on the hat it says: Sullivan McPig Rocks. Isn't that cool?! I'm very happy with it!

So all in all we had an awesome day and got lots of cool books and presents!

Thanks Aurian, Freya and Suzanne!


Alexander Mackenzie Bear said...

Happy Birthday Sullivan!! High tea and books sounds like a perfect way to spend your birthday!

Ajdin the Bosnian Bear said...

Happy Bearthday Sullivan - great looking cakes!

Aurian said...

We had a lovely day too Sullivan! I am glad you liked your presents :)

between dreams and reality said...

I'm jealous! I was trying to see all the names of the books but not possible for all of them. But I loved the Gay series!

miki said...

So many books!!! and some great ones from those i coudl recognise^^
i'm really happy you had a great time!

and suzanne really made the best art for you^^ so fitting^^

Hammie Hamster said...

Haha, thought it was t Feithhuis:-) when I saw your picture on Instagram. We had dinner there last thursday! We had a great view on the buildingsite behind the restaurant. There were lights on so you could see the construction very well. But it's a shame that they lost a piece of the terrace....