Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Birthday trip - Day 4, and Birthday Mail and Presents

Saturday we had to go home again.
We had breakfast and packed our bags.

Then we went for a last walk towards the dunes.

The red lighthouse.

At the start of the afternoon we took the boat back to the main land.

Enjoying the sun.

We then took a bus back to Groningen and were back home at the end of the afternoon.

It was a wonderful trip, and I hope we will visit Schiermonnikoog again soon.


At home there were a couple of birthday cards waiting for us!

And lots of cool presents from Miki.

I love this bookmark she stitched for us.

Thanks Miki!
You are awesome.


RodeEgel said...

I want to again!!!

Hammie Hamster said...

Tja, weggaan van Schier is altijd even diep zuchten... Die bladwijzer is heel erg mooi!

miki said...

i'm really glad you loved it