Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Birthday Trip - Day 1

Last Wednesday I was told to pack my bag, because we (my owner, her OtherHalf and I) were going on a trip to celebrate the birthday of me and my owner.

How exciting!

First we had to take a bus.

It was snowing!
Sadly enough it was not cold enough for the snow to stay, it melted as soon as it touched the ground.

The bus had a button you could push if you wanted it to stop at a certain bus stop. My owner told me we didn't have to use it though. We were riding the bus all the way to its last stop.

The snow stopped, and it was dark and cloudy.

But then we came to the last stop, and it was sunny for a while.
And we got to take a boat! Now I knew where we were going: Schiermonnikoog. It's a small island at the north coast of the Netherlands. We've been there before, and it's a beautiful place to be.

After the boat trip we took another bus to get to the village on the island, which is also called Schiermonnikoog, and we came to the hotel where we'd be staying: Duinzicht.

We got a room with comfy chairs.

And very soft and comfy beds.

The long trip had tired us out a bit, so we rested up for a while.

Then we went to the restaurant of Duinzicht for dinner.
I had very yummy bread and some potatoes, but I forgot to take a picture of it.

After dinner it was already very dark, still we went out for a walk towards the lighthouse.

In the dark you could only see the lights, and not the lighthouse itself.

When we got back from our walk we were cold, so we sat close to the fire place to warm up again.

We got something to drink and played Biggen (Piglets), a dice game were you use dice that are shaped like pigs.

After a few games we went to our room for some sleep.


RodeEgel said...

It was a super outing! Yaaaaay! :-D

Hammie Hamster said...

Oooooooh! Geluksvogels!!! Wat heerlijk!!!! Daar logeerden wij de laatste keer ook(voor het eerst). Wat een fijn verjaardagsuitje zeg...

Sullivan McPig said...

Het was inderdaad super fijn.

between dreams and reality said...

it looks like a very nice place.

between dreams and reality said...
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miki said...

oki now the hotel does seem super comfy and homey^^;; i love the fireplace

Enbrethiliel said...


I'm so late with my birthday wishes! Congratulations on reaching another year, Sully! It looks as if you had a great day. =)

And I think it's a marvelous coincidence that you and your owner should share the same birthday. ;-)