Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Birthday Trip - Day 3

On my birthday we woke up to a clear sky!

The water tower was bathed in sunlight.

It looked beautiful in my opinion.

After breakfast we set out for a long walk. There were some clouds, but mostly it was dry.

We walked through the forest towards the beach and stopped for a moment on my favorite spot.
It's right at the edge of the forest, and you can see the dunes and the beach and sea in the distance.

When we reached the beach the sun came out again.

There was a strong wind blowing, but with the sun shining it was a lovely day to be on the beach for a walk.

We walked close to the shore and enjoyed the weather and the beautiful sight of the dark, wild sea with the blue sky above it.

What a lovely winter day.

The wind kept blowing across the beach though, so after walking on the beach for a while we were getting just a bit cold.

Time for a warm drink at Marlijn, a restaurant that's close to the beach.

I got hot chocolate with Rum in it!
That warmed me up fast.

After our drink we made our way back to the village.

We first had a look in one of the bunkers that were build into the dunes though.

Back in the village we visited friends, and had dinner with them. We had lots of fun.

Back in the hotel it was time for a bottle of cider.

And a platter with snacks!

We played some more games and had a really great evening.

What an awesome birthday!


RodeEgel said...

A lovely day at the beach! :-)

Hammie Hamster said...

Oh wat heerlijk allemaal zeg! Fijn dat het zo mooi zonnig was. Lekker zo, even een paar dagen uitwaaien, zelf het meekijken brengt het uitwaaigevoel al hierheen:-). Dank je daarvoor:-)!

Jerry and Ben said...

The beach and yummy snacks? What a great day!

miki said...

the sky did offer you a great day^^