Saturday, July 19, 2014

Cider and Music

Yesterday evening we went to O'Ceallaigh, an Irish Pub in Groningen, because Nikki and her band were going to play there that evening. We met Nikki in Brighton last year, so we had to meet up of course.

When we got to the Irish Pub I ordered a bottle of chilled cider. It had been a hot day, so that cider tasted heavenly.

Then Nikki and the other members of the band, Battenkill Ramblers, arrived. We talked for a bit and then they started their show.

I think they're really good, and they were even missing two band members.

After the Battenkill Ramblers there was another band: the Corn Potato String Band. They were really good as well.

We also talked some more with Nikki of course, and I drank more cider. It was a fun evening, and it was cool to see Nikki again. I hope we get to meet up again somewhere in the future.


Jerry and Ben said...

What a fun evening! Thanks for posting the great videos Sullivan!

miki said...

thyank you for sharing ( chilled cider with the weather yes it must felt so good....)