Monday, July 14, 2014

A Trip to Schiermonnikoog - Day 3

The last day we were on Schiermonnikoog I had a lazy morning. It was a nice sunny day, so I got a large strawberry sorbet.

In the afternoon we went to visit the Visitor's Center where the pictures of my owner's OtherHalf were displayed.

But before looking at the pictures we first had a look at the bird display.

I wouldn't want to be hunted by that bird.

One of the picture displays of my owner's OtherHalf.

Taking a closer look.

I think these pictures are amazing!

I hope other people will love them as well, and maybe even buy some of them.

There were also other pictures besides those from my owner's OtherHalf. I really love this one.

And this one is really cool as well.

I feel like I'm part of the picture.

Next it was time to relax some more. I had a nice glass of Calvados.

At the end of the afternoon we went for a bike-ride and enjoyed the weather and the beautiful surroundings.

Then it was time to go home.
Here I'm looking out over the sea, on the boat back to the bus that would bring us to Groningen again.


Hammie Hamster said...

Ooooh! What a great trip! I know G. wants to go to Schier this summer but I don't know when... We haven't been there this year in februari and not during the last summer so it's long time ago... Thank you for bringing me there, at least in my mind:-)

miki said...

fabulous an i'm honored to have one of those ( the first one in the first display if you didn't remember^^)

really it's a fabulous expo and i hope a lot of people will check it out and make honors to the great artists