Tuesday, July 31, 2012


On our last full day in Berlin we went to Castle Charlottenburg.

It's a big mansion with a large garden as you can see on this map.

I can't trample flowers?
Now that I call 'stating the obvious'.

Below the highlights of castle Charlottenburg:


Alexander Mackenzie Bear said...

Very impressive! Thanks for the mini-tour of Berlin.

Jerry and Ben said...

Beautiful! Wasn't this palace based on Versailles?

Demented Wench said...

At least they didn't have a sign telling you not to lounge in the flowers.

Very lovely pictures, makes me wish I could go there too. :)

Helena said...

I love your photo's!!!

Buttons the Bear said...

It is very beautiful! That sign must mean you can pick the flowers, just don't step or stomp on them in the process? Or is picking included automatically?

Thanks for sharing all your photos from Berlin.

Marty Shaw said...

Great pics. Wish I was there :)