Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Berlin - Pergamon Museum: part 2

Today some more things I saw at the Pergamon museum.

This is a wall that is made out of little pieces of colored clay. Because it's very old the colors are almost gone.

Another dragon!
Looks like they never finished this one.

A stone pigs head.
The people in Babylon must have loved pigs.

This picture is especially for Jeffe:
Three bearded guys!

And a bearded guy with an animal body and wings.
I wonder if those really lived in Babylon.

This is some kind of Bird God.
He's just about to eat a pine cone.

Some very fierce lions.
The left one should brush his teeth more often.

A giant.

And look what I saw in the gift shop:
A book about a pig!
I wanted to buy it, but my owner told me I first had to learn to read German as the book is in German. *sigh*

Tomorrow pictures from our visit to the Neptunbrunnen.


Jeffe Kennedy said...

what we need is a beard-shaving scene!!!

Sullivan McPig said...

@Jeffe: you are evil!

Melliane said...

I love all the Egyptian stuff, so I'm really jealous, I would love to see all of this.

Enbrethiliel said...


I'm intrigued by that German book as well! Is it about a pig in Ancient Greece?

Sullivan McPig said...

Yes. The title translates to 'you were lucky, Zeus.'
In dutch and German there's a saying: you swined. That means that you were lucky.

The Reader's Tales said...

Lively museum! You have a nice blog;-)