Sunday, July 8, 2012

Berlin - The New Museum: lots of Egyptians

The 'Neues Museum'(New Museum) has lots of cool Egyptian stuff.

I really liked these statues.
They are Echnaton (right) and his wife Nefertiti (left).

Echnaton was a Pharaoh who believed that a statue should look like the person it's supposed to be instead of making the statue look prettier like other Pharaohs apparently did. He wasn't very handsome himself, but his wife Nefertiti has been called the most beautiful woman in the world.

Another Pharaoh, most probably prettified.

I really liked these statues.
The man on the right looks so happy.

I also saw lots of hieroglyphs.
Look: a bird!
I wondered if they also have some with pigs and decided to keep an eye out for more animals.

Here's a mural with a Pharaoh who just got a really big birthday cake.

Another statue of a Pharaoh.
Hmm... Lots of Pharaohs, but where are the pigs?

I did find a statue with a sheep!

The Egyptians even made statues of entire families, much like people make family portraits nowadays. I bet they had to sit still much longer than you have to do now when you get your portrait done.

I'm not sure what this statue is all about. It looks like a small person got stuck in a cube.

Still no pigs though....
tune in tomorrow to find out if I found them.


Alexander Mackenzie Bear said...

I think you should become a museum tour guide! I love your comments on the various statues and displays... That one pharaoh was definitely prettified!

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

very cool pics!! looks like a really nice museum!

Jerry and Ben said...

Wonderful museum photos Sullivan! We want to see a photo of you with a pharoh hat on!

Melliane said...

great statues. can I have the same cake? I would love to!