Thursday, July 12, 2012

Berlin - Neptunbrunnen

After all the museums we went for a walk outside and we visited the Neptunbrunnen (Neptune Fountain).

Isn't it beautiful?

Oh, a crocodile!

And a goat.

And next to the Neptunbrunnen was that weird Fernsehturm again. (Television tower)

Then we visited the Nikolai Church.

Where I spotted this pretty statue.

We also saw a church that had been damaged in World War II. They restored it a little, but not all the way.

And finally back to our hotel where I saw this cool sign. Can you guess from the picture what a Wandhydrant is?

Next up: more hippos


Alexander Mackenzie Bear said...

Is it a wand hydrant? Wave the wand and it sprays water?? heh-heh!

Found art blog said...

Yeah, like in Harry Potter!!! Except the picture shows a rolled up shoelace....

Jerry and Ben said...

More beautiful photos Sullivan. What is one BIG fountain, did you take a nice swim in it?

Sullivan McPig said...

@sandy & Beanie: That would be cool!
@Jerry & Ben: I stay away from water to avoid having to take a bath.

Laura Bickle said...

So beautiful! I wish I could see it in person!

Melliane said...

wow that's quite a fountain, a lot of characters!