Monday, July 18, 2011

Prague - Fun Stuff

After two graveyard posts it's time for some fun stuff.

This Kingfisher was on the building next to our hotel.

This duck was on a building that housed a restaurant called 'The Blue Duck'. According to my travelbook it used to be called 'the Little, Old Duck'.

A frog!
This is now a mexican restaurant, but for ages this was a restaurant by the name 'At the Green Frog'. It is said that the hangmen and executioners used to come here for a beer and food.

I also found this museum of medieval torture instruments. I wonder if that man is an executioner.

A beautiful sun.

I dare bet this is where the executioners are getting their beer and food now that they can't go to the Frog restaurant anymore!

I also spotted this creepy door that had all these heads on it.

And a statue that was hanging on a flagpole.

A smiley face.

This critter was in a park and was placed there as part of an ad-campaign for bug spray.

The facts of life ;-)

A poster for the Museum of Communism.

Saint George.

I saw this cool chair in a café where we had something to drink.

I even spotted a hippo for my owner!

And last, but not least:

At one of the restaurants where we had dinner I met another animal who was dining there as well. Dino and I had a nice chat about Prague before we both had to go our separate ways again.


Raquel said...

Very funny these last photos, hahaa!!! Did you visit the museum of tortures? (I'm afraid...)

Demented Wench said...

Love the facts of life sign and I want to know if you went to the torture museum too. :)

Sullivan McPig said...

No, my owner said we'd seen enough torture instruments in the Amsterdam Dungeon last month.

Ryan Lorenc-Haluska said...

Thanks for the Nice Pictures, Sullivan! My Daddy says that he Spent One Month in Prague when Václav Havel was President of Czechoslovakia in 92'.