Tuesday, November 9, 2010


There's still lots of painting going on, so for me things were a bit boring, but today there was a package!

Books and Zombies?!
Now this is my kind of package.

Look at all the goodies!
I won these books and other fun stuff over at Bibliognome. Becky had a Vampire Haiku contest and my Haiku won!

The books are even signed too.
I should enter more Haiku contests if all prize packages are as cool as this one.

And last, but not least: The Zombie Poster!
I think it's very cool.

Thanks Becky! I love my prize!

And for those who are curious:
Here's the Haiku that is responsible for me winning this awesome package

Laundry Night Again
Will Have To Eat Less Sloppy
Blood Stains Terribly


Patti (Book Addict) said...

Nice mail! (I was going to say "nice package" but I'm not going there, LOL) Those book covers are cute.

Clever haiku!

SusiSunshine said...

Congrats, that's a wonderful price pack. Those always make my day.
Enjoy it!

Nedemgirl said...

Cool,a nd that's a great haiku.

Audrey said...

Great package! I got mail yesterday too - just need to take some photo's :)
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Urok Burok said...

Hallo Sullivan!
Je hebt lange tijd niets van mij vernomen.
Druk, druk in het Drentse woud. Om jou heen
heerst ook drukte en dan is er opeens een
'duister pakje'. Bij ons zeggen we dan:
,,Wat een verrassing. Is het zwaar dat pakket of... licht?
Groetjes van mij en andere kabouters..

Katie Dalton said...

Very cool! :) You go piggy!

Sullivan McPig said...

Thanks everyone!
@Urok Burok:
Qua gewicht was het zwaar, qua verhaal licht ;-)

Enbrethiliel said...


Well, it obviously doesn't suck to be you! ;-)

Sullivan McPig said...

It certainly does not!! :-D