Thursday, August 27, 2009

Noorderzon - Northern Sun

This evening we went to Noorderzon (Northern Sun), a cultural festival that's been held in Groningen every year. There's lots of music, theatre, art and: food! We started our evening by getting some plates of cheese fondue. We got one with Greek goat cheese and one with cheese and Groninger mustard.

Next we looked at some of the art that was on show and for sale, like this motorcycle replica made out of tires.

I also met a very nice monster at Noorderzon and I had a fun chat with him.

Here we are posing for a classic monster and pig in distress shot. (No monsters or pigs were harmed ofcourse)

There were lots of other cool creatures too, like this dog and they were from an artist named William who was kind enough to introduce me to some of his creatures. You can see more of his creatures here

Another one of William's creatures: a grasshopper.

I really wanted to see the merry-go-round that Hammie showed on his blog a couple of days ago, but it was closed by the time we got there. What we did encounter close to the merry-go-round was this caterpillar.

I had a talk with the caterpillar and it told me it was slowly turning into a butterfly with the help of children and he hoped to be able to fly by the end of the festival.


The Queen of Clearance said...

you seriously have way too much fun! The food looks yummy. Im hungry :)

Found art blog said...

I LOVE CHEESE!!! And I like monsters too!! Wouldn't it be fun to monster hunt together one day?!

Hammie en Gea said...

Harr had the goat cheese fondue too! Do you go again to see the "scary go round"??? We liked the caterpillar a lot! If we go again sunday we'll look if it turned into a butterfly. I told Poes(Cat) that you and your owner wish her well. Tomorow we hope to take her home with us. Even if she wasn't nice to me all the time, it's to quiet at home and I miss her a lot! G. too...

Sullivan McPig said...

Monster hunting together sounds cool!
And I hope we will have time to go back to see the scary-go-round, but my owner has to work tomorrow so maybe we'll go back on sunday too.