Sunday, August 2, 2009

Storytelling and a walk

Today it was raining so we couldn't go for a walk to Garnwerd. So while my owner was stitching and her OH working, me, Coco, Domo, Lenore, Voodoo Bride and a couple of hippos sat on the couch and told each other stories.

In the evening it was dry outside so we went out for a short walk.
I thought Eve would like to see another sign, so we took this picture. You never see signs like this for pigs!

Me and my owner's OH.

Me and my owner.


Hammie en Gea said...

Hello Sullivan,

I showed the picture of the clouds to Harr (G.'s OH). He likes to take pictures of clouds too! He has a lot of "cloud-pictures" on his blog and website. Today G. is emptying her desk at home and we foud something I'm going to show you on my blog! We also discovered that we have a hippo in the house! We enjoye that we discover "new" things that where allready in our hous, just because we look different now we know you and the things you do!

The Queen of Clearance said...

That last picture is amazing :) You are such a busy little pig! Looks like another fun day with your owner! I also was at target the other day and they had a huuuuge domo and he was on clearance for $3 I almost bought it but had to tell myself no!

EVE said...

Great pics...of everyone!!! Including your owner. always glad to see her.

Thanks about the sign-is that for "NO DOGS!" I don't like those I want to take my doggie everywhere I go...but I know she'd be a pain...she's a little yapper. Drives me crazy some days...but if she were any different then she wouldn't be my Bibi.

And yes, Queen is right-you are one busy pig!!!


EVE said...

BTW: Left some other comments on your past posts. Just a lil' FYI, since I'm able to use the computer for a bit.

Missing you too~

Your friend, EVE, XoX!

Demented Wench said...

I think that would be the equivalent of a "Keep Dogs On Leash" sign in the U.S. Now I suppose if the pig were on a leash that'd be ok too.

Hmmm, Sullivan on a leash now that is an interesting mental picture.

Sullivan McPig said...

Actually the sign says that dogs don't have to wear a leash here! So don't try to collar me :-p

I love clouds. And will check your blog as i'm curious to see what you found.

Demented Wench said...

Pig off leash. They might need one of those "Beware of Wild Pig" signs. ;)