Thursday, August 20, 2009

Books and Moth

Hammie showed a 'Gouden Boekje'(Golden Book) a while back and so I wanted to show my collection of Gouden Boekjes. I really love reading them and I hope my owner will get me more of them. I really want one with pigs in it, but I'm not even sure if there's a Gouden Boekje with pigs, so I will settle for any book from this series with animals in it.

This is a page from 'Sambo'. It's a really wierd story about tigers who melt into butter and get baked into pancakes. My owner told me that a cousin read this one to her when she was 3 or 4 years old.

Yesterday evening it was beautiful weather so we had another waterside bbq on this lovely spot.

And I got another insect visitor! A moth this time. Insects seem to like me.


Cindy said...

thats so cool to see the little golden books in another language! :) i love your moth friend by the way... ;)

The Queen of Clearance said...

eeekkk moth! I hate them! You are very brave. lol. Great pictures as always!

Eve Noir said...

I love Golden Books. I think my mom got rid of all ours (my 2 sisters & 1 brother). :( Bought back a few over the years though-aren't they great!??!

Awww, insects do love you Sullivan. That's cool. That moth is pretty...tell your owner I really like her pics of it!

Take care & happy reading~

Irish Chicken Soup said...

How cute. I love the picture with the moth, and I haven't thought about Golden Books in such a long time. I wonder if my Mom still has any of them locked away somewhere.

Sullivan McPig said...

As long as they don't sting or bite I don't mind bugs ;-)