Monday, August 17, 2009

Signs and Cows

First I want to say thanks you to everyone for the nice comments on my new header. I'm very pleased with it myself too I must say. My owner's OH/partner made it for me.

Yesterday we took a walk and I wanted to show this sign as I think both Eve and Marie will like it. It's a sign you see often when you're in the country as it warns people there might be cattle crossing the street on their way to the meadow or on the way home. this particular sign has a lot of damage to it, it looks like someone shot at it.

More signs and a small bridge.

I showed a sign telling people that dogs didn't have to wear a leash awhile back. This sign is the opposite and tells you that your dog should be on a leash. The sign above it tells that this path is a bicycle path and the top two signs tell you which way to go if you want to go to Groningen or Wierumerschouw or Garnwerd.

More pictures for Marie: I hope Coco will post his picture of this cow too as it may look harmless on these pictures, but me and Coco think it was a killer cow.

A sign to warn people that the fence is electrified.


Hammie en Gea said...

Don't have much time...
Tired because we started to work again today...
Nice pitures! Did you walk to Granwerd again??

The Queen of Clearance said...

That last picture is a perfect picture of you! So cute! Great pictures as always, and your banner does look great! Your such a lucky pig!

Cindy said...

LOL! I love those cow pics! :)

Eve Noir said...

Coco did post a pic of that cow-and it was scary...killer-like! :) He looks calm in your pic though.

Hm, strange...I don't we have any signs here saying "Dogs can be off their leashes." Although lots of dogs in my neighborhood are...and I don't really like it. Ex. Mike and I took Bibi for a walk a while back...and a BIG dog nearly attacked her. I screamed and Mike had to hurry & pick her up before the dog lunged towards her. (I can understand if your dog is well-behaved...)

Also, there is a shopping place in the area that lets you bring your dogs while you visit the shops. Mike and I haven't taken Bibi yet...but the dogs can't go inside...and we don't really want to leave her outside, ya know?

Sorry this was all EVE & Bibi related but that sign got me thinking. I'd show some of the signs over here but they def aren't as cool (and interesting) as the ones by you!

Take care~

Demented Wench said...

After seeing the cow pic on Coco's blog I have to agree that was a killer cow. And your owner's OH did a very nice job on the header.

We have an off leash dog park close to where I live. Since they've just had to spray it for fleas I'm not taking Sadie there. dealing with

Irish Chicken Soup said...

What adorable cows. Where I grew up we didn't have cow crossing, but we had deer and bear crossing signs everywhere.

Great banner, too. I love the plaid.

Sullivan McPig said...

Thanks everyone.

@Hammie: no, we just walked to Wierumerschouw and back, Garnwerd is too far for an evening walk.
@Eve: Egh, agressive dogs are scary. Hope Bibi wasn't too stressed out.
@Demented Wench: I agree with you on fleas: nasty critters.