Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Trip to the Zoo - part 1

Last Tuesday we went on a trip to a zoo in Rotterdam.
We took a train and on our way we saw snow!

In Rotterdam we walked from the station to the Zoo.
The zoo is called Blijdorp, which means Happy Village.

I spotted hippo statues!

And flamingos.

There were fun signs pointing the way.

Komodo Dragons!
My owner loves Komodo Dragons, so we had to see those!

But first we passed some birds.

There was a warning that the birds can peck you.

Next we saw pelicans.

I think pelicans are weird, but cool birds.

There was a sign in Russian, so I think they were Russian pelicans.

In the distance you can see a distant relative of mine.

A cool lizard beastie.
Not sure what it was.

Komodo Dragon!

The Komodo Dragon posed for us.

Then he took off to hide behind a tree.

I'll show you more pictures of our visit to the zoo tomorrow.


RodeEgel said...

Yaaay! Cool outing. Next time I wanna join the fun. :)

Patricia said...

Ook wel een mooie dierentuin

Jerry and Ben said...

What a fun adventure--and, looking good with a great hat!