Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Trip to the Zoo - Part 3

After visiting the Oceanium we saw these iguanas.

This one had a lookout post in a tree.

More fish.
But these were fresh water fish, I think.

We also saw this really big tortoise.

And a big toad!

Another fishy picture.

An octopus!

I spotted this sign that had the famous gorilla Bokito on it while being hit by a snowball.
It said the polar bears were back.

There they are!

One of them was walking around.

The others were relaxing.
Probably tired from their snowball fight with Bokito.

This is some sort of groundhog, I think.

Next we visited Amazonia.

There were lots of butterflies in Amazonia.

And piranhas!
This sign is warning people that piranhas can bite. Seems like there are lots of bitey and peckish animals at this zoo.

Come back tomorrow for my final post about Blijdorp.


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Haha! Love the signs! :D And the iguanas under the earm lamp...