Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Trip to the Zoo - Part 4

Next we saw Macaws.

They were snubbing us.

Another sign warning us of peckish birds.
This is a dangerous zoo!

We visited a bird cage.

This is a Marabou stork, I think.

There were a lot of them.

At least these birds didn't seem to be the peckish kind.

I spotted a lazy hyena.

And we visited the giraffes.

Next we saw the alligators.
This one was really big and close to the glass wall.

We also saw a rhino.

And a Pygmy Hippo.

We saw the gorillas.
As I told you, one of them, Bokito, is (in)famous. He broke out one time and attacked a visitor. So now there are cameras everywhere and lots of signs to warn you that the gorillas are dangerous.

It started to rain, so I didn't take more pictures in the zoo. We saw some more animals, but finally decided to leave.

We visited a bookstore to see if they had books in rotterdam that they don't have in Groningen.
(They did! So I bought some books of course)

Then we traveled to Utrecht where we had dinner at Sumo.

After dinner we took a train home.
It was a really cool day out!

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RodeEgel said...

Very cool! Great outing. :)