Friday, April 22, 2016

I infiltrate Ladies Night

Last Wednesday my owner and a colleague went to a Ladies Night at the cinema.

I managed to sneak in with them.

There were lots of yummy snacks and drinks.

And money!
I tried to take some with me, but they soon noticed money was missing!

My owner covered for me, because she was afraid my punishment would be bigger, because I shouldn't be at a Ladies Night. Even when jailed she tried to collect money for me that was on the floor in front of her cell. I trained her well!

Her punishment was to be shot out of an Angry bird catapult!
She survived!

Next we tried to get some money in an honest way:
legalized gambling. But we didn't win anything.

Then the movie started.
We saw The Boss, which is a very entertaining comedy.

We got really yummy popcorn to eat while watching the movie. Sweet Chili BBQ and Sweet Chili Cheese. Yum!

When we left we got a goodie bag filled with fun stuff. I especially like the me-sized mix thingie.

It was a fun evening.
I wouldn't mind accompanying my owner and her colleague to another Ladies Night sometime.

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Jeffe Kennedy said...

looks very fun - lol!