Thursday, April 21, 2016

A trip to Utrecht - Food

After the DOM Under tour we had to admire the Dom tower of course.

Then we had hot chocolate.

We had a lovely view on the Dom square.

Next we went to see the statue of Willibrord.
He was the first one to build a church at the Dom square. Maybe I saw a stone he used for that church when I was exploring!

We also visited this statue of Anne Frank.

Next it was time for dinner!
According to this text they should have Nice Chinese Food.

They had my favorite Chinese soup!

And lots of yummy Dim Sum.

Also Dim Sum I didn't want to eat, but my owner did.

I did have a delicious dessert though!

Then it was time to travel back home again.

We arrived back home very late, so I didn't have time to taste the present I got: chestnut likorette. But you can bet I'll try it soon.

Thanks for the fun day, Aurian and Freya!