Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A trip to Utrecht - DOM Under

Yesterday we finally went on a trip again!
We took the train to Utrecht to meet Aurian and Freya. First we had lunch and chatted, but then we went to the center of the city for a special tour!

We went on the DOM Under tour.
It's a tour that shows you the historical finds they made when they dug in the ground right next to the Dom tower.

There were cool things made from bones and such.


Here's a part of an old Roman wall.

They showed us a map and explained what buildings used to stand on the Dom square.

And where the Dom tower still stands.

After this introduction we got to watch a movie about the Romans and the building of the Dom tower.

Then it was time for exploration!

We got to look around at the site where they dug up all kinds of historical stuff. It was dark, but we got special flashlights to explore.

It was really cool.
I got to see foundations of the church that used to stand there.

And even older buildings.

Ancient jewelry.

A rooftile with a paw print!
I didn't see any piggy prints.

There was also a skeleton.

And a gargoyle!

It was really cool and fun!

After this exploration we went outside again. I'll tell you more tomorrow.


RodeEgel said...

Wooow... really cool! Would love to do the tour as well one day. Very exciting!

Aurian said...

You really should RodeEgel, it is a great experience! Great post Sullivan :) We had fun yesterday!

Jerry and Ben said...

Beary cool museum! We've been following the recent Roman villa ruins find in England...

Demented Wench said...

Cool hat! The pictures from the museum are cool too, but the hat is cooler. ;)

Mrs Mac said...

I love the ancient paw print! (and your hat!)

Sullivan McPig said...

I will confess it's my favorite hat

Alexander Mackenzie Bear said...

Wow! That is beary cool! Thanks for giving us a tour as well.