Thursday, March 31, 2016

Swag and Books in My Mail

Yesterday there was a package for us from Jeffe.

There was lots of cool swag inside from Gini Koch.
Jeffe met Gini at a convention and Gini gave these cards, magnets and sticker to Jeffe for me and Voodoo Bride! There's even a card of Gini's upcoming book Camp Alien.

And there were amazing goodies from Jeffe herself as well!
An ARC of The Pages of the Mind, a print copy of Dark Secrets, and bookmarks and a little memo book. How awesome!

So if you wonder where I'll be the next few days: drooling over the cool swag, and reading and petting my books!

Thanks, Jeffe and Gini!

Want to find out more about the books from Jeffe and Gini:
Click here for Jeffe's books
And here for Gini's books

1 comment:

Aurian said...

That is absolutely lovely! I love swag, and display it in my home.