Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sinterklaas Brought Presents

Sinterklaas is in the Netherlands again, so I put out some shoes and sang songs so he would bring us a present.

Two book shaped presents!
One of them was for me and my owner.

The 4th book in Charlie Higson's The Enemy series!
I'm very happy with it, because I loved the first three books in this series.

I also got marzipan piggies.
Aren't they cool!?

I got a marzipan horse and a marzipan Sinterklaas as well.

Thanks, Sinterklaas!


RodeEgel said...

So much fun! And Yummie! :-D

Jerry and Ben said...

You were certainly a beary good pig this year Sullivan. Those yummy pig candies look delicious.

Eve Noir said...

I love it when Sinterklaas visits you. Those piggies look so good. xox, eve

Demented Wench said...

The marzipan piggies are definitely cool.

miki said...

o_O Saint Nicolas... Now? You don't have it on the 6th December like us?