Friday, November 14, 2014

Beanie Mail and Book Crossing Mail

There was a package from Beanie a few days ago.
It contained a beautiful card and a present!

Happy Christmas?!
I can't be reading that right. That would mean I can't open it for a long time. I think it says Happy Couchon. Couchon is French for pig, and I will be a happy pig if I open this present.

Thanks, Beanie!

Today I received two books that were send to me as part of a wishlist tag game on
Lamilla sent me City of Lost Souls, a beautiful octopus card and a bookmark, and Soozreader sent me The Alchemist and a cool card.

Thanks, Lamilla and Soozreader!


Jerry and Ben said...

Wow, what awesome gifts!! Beanie mail is always beary nice.

note: cochon (not couchon)

Sullivan McPig said...

@Jerry & Ben: Couchon is how the French McPig's (Les McPig's) spell it. They say it's because french pigs are a bit poofy. Not sure what they mean by that.

Beanie Mouse said...

Well, I seem to remember that Dutch couchon has Christmas on December 6th, so you don't really have that long to wait..... and besides, there's something else in the post as well......!!!

Beanie Mouse said...
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miki said...

^^ i will be sure not to send yours to early then to avoid the long wait^^

i'm really happy you got so many great package^^

Hammie Hamster said...

Nice package! I got one too, G. says that it's good for me to practise patience :-)!