Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lots of Treats

I had a really great birthday and when we got back to work on Tuesday my owner and me brought chocolate as a late birthday treat for our co-workers.

It turned out that one of our co-workers also had a birthday and brought treats as well, so we had lots and lots of treats.


When we got home there was a present for us send by Jess. She send us chocolate-peanutbutter treats and a coverflat of her next book. What a cool surprise!

Thanks Jess!


Jerry and Ben said...

Yum, Yum! What great treats!

DILLY said...

Belaytid (sorwy) THANKS for luvly noo yeer card send to Bob an Dilly!

An belaytid (sorwy) happy berfday too!!!

Ear hugs!!


Katie Dalton said...

Oh I want some of that cake! What's it got in the a pudding filling? Looks yummy! Happy Bday. xo

Sullivan McPig said...

Yup, that's pudding filling. My favorite!