Saturday, January 14, 2012

Shopping for Presents

Today we had our first outing in over a week.
My owner had to buy presents for some birthdays and she also was going to buy a present for me!

I saw this pig, who doubled as a huge slipper) at our favorite store (Hammie knows which one I mean).

And at a toy shop I spotted a piggy game!
In this game you have to lure a pig from a muddy field, but if you do it wrong the pig farts. I asked my owner if she would get me the piggy game, but she said she wasn't going to buy me a game with a farting pig.

My owner finally did buy me something when I was taking a nap in her bag, so I didn't see what she got me and she told me I will have to wait until Monday to get my present. I'm so curious!!

Luckily there was some awesome mail when we got home to take my mind of the mysterious present:

Gini Koch send us an Advanced Reader Copy of her next book: Alien Diplomacy.
She also send us some awesome signed cards and some magnets and such. How's that for an early birthday present!?

Thanks Gini!


Found art blog said...

Farting Pigs??? And what's wrong with Farting Pigs?? Any Bob T Bear could tell you that Farting is a wonderful activity....!!!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

The farting pig game sounds fantastic! I would quite like that! I can understand why you hoped to get that for your birthday!!!