Saturday, January 15, 2011


Tomorrow it's the birthday of me and my owner, but presents are already pouring in. This present we got from a friend who thought our birthday was yesterday. From the wrapping I could see that it came from a store that sells games!

Oh! An expansion set for the cardgame Gloom!
I love Gloom, so I'm very happy with this present.

Thanks J.

There was also a package from my owner's friend Jan today.

We were to curious to wait till tomorrow so we opened it right away. It contained green cross stitch fabric, two key fobs and a beautiful keyring. My owner is very happy with these presents and I am too as green is my favourite colour, so now I can bug my owner to cross stitch something for me on the green fabric.

Thank you Jan!
My owner tells me she will email you soon.


Penelope said...

Happy Birthday! have a great day!

Jerry and Ben said...

Happy Birthday Sullivan! Ben says you can have some of his honey on your special day.

Marlowe said...

Happy Birthday!

Found art blog said...

OH!!! I missed your birthday!!! I'll have to send you a Late Present.... I'm good at doing those!!

Sullivan McPig said...

Thanks everyone!
@Beanie: I'm late with my Christmas cards, so will have to send some Happy February cards or something like that ;-)

Found art blog said...

OH! Well if we're waiting that long, I can bring it with me!!