Sunday, July 4, 2010

Temporary House and a Trip

We got the keys of the temporary house we have to move to, so we went over there today to take a look.

Empty houses have something weird I think.

The kitchen.

One of the bedrooms. They had left a moving box there, I think we can use it for our move.

The central heating had a weird display thingy called a 'ClimaRad' which had lots of extra functions. My owner tells me they will build a 'ClimaRad' in our house too.

Well, it may not be home, but it's good enough to live for a couple of months.

After looking at the temporary house my owner and me went to the mother of my owner to borrow her car so we can use it to move boxes. We took the train to get there.

The station where we got on the train is build over a road and there are windows in the station so you can look down on the road from the station: very strange!

We had a fun afternoon at the house of my owner's mother and I had a look outside at the dyke.

And I lounged among the flowers.

We went out for dinner in Kampen at a Chinese wok-restaurant and I had cassava crackers.

And ice cream with strawberries and mellon. Yum!

After dinner we took the car to Groningen, but not before I spotted this banner with this fish, who is very famous in Kampen.
You can read more about this famous fish in another post I made about Kampen last year here


Hammie en Gea said...

Your temporary house looks okay, does the new central heating thing have a cool down function too? That would be very nice during hot summer days like this! Is it the famous fish from the story about the ring that disappeared and came back by the fish? I like the bay window, does your house have one too?

Sullivan McPig said...

We don't have a bay window, but our livingroom has more light and is more practical.
This is the story about the fish:
There's an old story that the people of Kampen once caught a giant fish which they wanted to cook and serve to a visiting bishop. When they got the message that the bishop wouldn't be able to visit until a while later they were worried that the fish would not be good to eat anymore if they kept it that long. So they finally decided to put a bell around it's neck and they released it back into the river. They thought that when the bishop arrived all they had to do is stick their head under water and listen for the bell to locate the fish again.
Hmmm........ Something tells me they never saw that fish again.

Marlowe said...

That ice cream looks very good!

Demented Wench said...

I'm glad you got to lounge in some flowers. Lounging in flowers always makes the day better. :)

Will said...

Hi Sullivan! Your temporary house looks quite nice. And that is some mighty tasty looking ice cream. Thanks for telling the story about the fish, that was pretty funny.

Audrey said...

It looks like the temporary home has lots of windows! I miss taking the train, it was one of the highlights when I traveled in Europe.

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

your temporary house looks really nice!!

Sullivan McPig said...

Thanks for your comments everyone