Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Balloons, Renovation and IKEA

When I went outside this morning the neighbours had balloons on their door! What a fun way to let people know they had a birthday today.

A picture of the renovation in our street. There are no gates and scaffolding around our house yet, but there will be soon.

We went to our house to do some last chores before leaving it to the construction workers.
Bye, bye house. See you after the renovation.

This afternoon we went to the IKEA store as my owner and her OtherHalf needed to replace some things.

there was lots to do at the IKEA store.
I talked to some animals living there.

I played with this really cool wooden crane.

I spotted this great traffic sign sticker on the floor.

I did some climbing on this counting rack thingie.

And found these cool plush vegetables!

And even a plush knife and cake!

Having a chat with a box full of plushies.

All in all the IKEA store was lots of fun and I hope we'll go there again some time.


Emmi Jade said...

Hi Sullivan!

I agree, putting balloons out is quite the festive way to let the world know you have something to celebrate. I'm eager to see what renovations your street will undergo, too.

The closest IKEA there is to Parsnip is all the way in Georgia, so I doubt I'll be visiting one soon. I'm glad you had a delightful experience at yours, not to mention that you had so many friendly faces to interact with! :)

Hammie en Gea said...

G. always enjoys the Ikea too. But because it's often very busy there I mostly stay in her bag. Now I see all the nice plushies I think I'll have a look outside the bag next time. Think it's going to be soon, heard Harr talk about going to Groningen this week and G.'s friend Lin asked her to get something by Ikea. The balloons make me feel like wanting a party, even if we had one tonight, I'll post about it tomorrow!

Will said...

Hello Sullivan!

I've never been to an Ikea (there isn't one in Colorado), but if they have moose crossings to the point that they had to put a sign up for it, maybe I don't want to go. Moose are really big, and a little scary.

The other stuffies look nice, though.

Patricia said...

The Ikea seems to be one big playground with lots of frinds for you :)
I love the Ikea in Groningen.

Eve Noir said...

Fun! I've yet to go to an IKEA but I hear they are awesome. That chair is COOL! The closest one is a bit of a distance...but one day!

Hope you guys are doing well!

X's & O's~Eve

Sullivan McPig said...

Luckily the IKEA here is very close, it's in Groningen itself, so it's about 15 minutes by bike for me.

Buttons the Bear said...

Looks like you had a fun time at IKEA. We have two IKEA stores in the Chicago area. My mo has been, but she never takes me there. Again I say it must be nice to be a small stuffie, oh the places you get to go.

vvb32 reads said...

swedish meatballs!
looks like ikea is a great place for pigs.