Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Card and a Book

We got our first mail at the temporary house: This flowery card was send to us to wish us a good stay here.

And in all the stress of packing I forgot to show you this: A Steampunk book I won over at vvB32 Reads. The book is about an automaton called Mattie. I read the first couple of chapters and sofar I think it's very intriguing.

And look! It's signed.
Thanks vvB32 and Ekaterina.


Audrey said...

Beautiful Card! It's so much fun getting mail :) At least it found you at the new house.
The cover of the book looks interesting. So nice of the author to sign it for you.

Emmi Jade said...

Okay, this post is "full of win": I've always wanted to know another stuffie who was as curious about steampunk things as I am. The technological stuff has kept me interested for a while, and I'd be more than eager to have your review of that book upon its completion.

Also, how nice to have a signed copy! Congrats. :)

Buttons the Bear said...

That is a beautiful card. My mom would say it's a keeper!

Will said...

That book looks really intriguing. I'll have to investigate further. Congrats on your first card in the temporary place. Makes it seem a bit more like home, yes?

Hammie en Gea said...

Nice card and book. Books with signatures are extra special!

Sullivan McPig said...

Thanks everyone!
I will ofcourse review the book on my other blog when I've read it.

vvb32 reads said...

yay for mail! glad you received the book and are liking it so far.