Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Special Meeting at an Art Fair

Today my owner and me went to an art fair. First we took a bus to get to Stadskanaal where the fair was being held.

Once we got there we had to find the fair, but luckily it was very easy to spot.

My owner told me to keep my eyes open to see if I could spot someone familiar. Now who could she be talking about?

It was Hammie!
Hammie was at the fair to help G. sell Mandala's. It was really cool to meet Hammie for real and not to just see his pictures at his blog.

We really hit it off right away, but that's not too surprising ofcourse as we already know each other so well through our blogs and the cards and such we send to each other.

After talking to Hammie for a while I took a look around at the rest of the art fair. I saw these helmets and machines and wondered what they were for.

There was lots of beautiful art.
I really liked these chicken statues I must say.

And someone drew chickens on a caravan too! It seems the people in Stadskanaal love chickens.

I also saw a man who was painting a motorcycle

And a stand that had lots of jam and chutney on sale.
All the covers of the jam and chutney pots were painted with birds. Very beautiful!

After I explored the fair I went back to Hammie's stand for another chat. And then I suddenly saw the weird machines I saw earlier approaching in the distance!

So me and Hammie had to explore ofcourse!

It turned out to be some kind of cool Space Alien! He noticed us and leaned down to examine us as well. Very exciting!

After meeting the Space Alien we said goodbye to Hammie and G. I hope we'll meet again sometime as it was really fun!

We had some time left before we had to catch our bus again so we took a walk along the canal.

And look:
I found the statue of the spitting boy that Hammie showed on his blog a while back!

More canal picture spam.

After our walk we went to the bus station and waited for our bus.

Leaving Stadskanaal.

And then we were back in Groningen after a fun afternoon with Hammie.


Hammie en Gea said...

Hello Sullivan and C.!

We realy enjoy watching the pictures of our great afternoon together! It was so much fun to see you for real instead of at pictures. G. realy enjoyed talking to C. as well! Thanks for coming all the way to Stadskanaal to see us and visiting G.'s mandala's "shop". Hope to see you again soon, perhaps in Groningen next time! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Marlowe said...

I think it is SO cool that you got to meet Hammie! Some of my friends from the Bearplace met together earlier in the month too! Maybe one day I will meet Buttons! He is from the US too!

Buttons the Bear said...

You and Hammie are so lucky to be able to meet in furson. Looks like you had fun. I'd like to meet Marlowe too, maybe someday...sigh! After all Illinois and Wisconsin are right next to each other.

Those alien thing looked scary.

Patricia said...

Nice to see pictures of you in a so familiar place fore mee :D
Great that your vissit at stadskanaal was nice and nice to see pictures of you and hammie togeter.

Audrey said...

I wish we had an outdoor art fair here! Looks like you had a wonderful day :) So nice to be able to meet friends and have a wonderful time!

Sullivan McPig said...

Thanks for your comments everyone!
me and my owner had a great time with Hammie and G.!!

The Teddy Bear Family said...

It's funny how our minds work. You and Hammie are such good friends, we've thought you live close together and see each other all the time!

It's so cool you actually did meet muzzle to muzzle! And your People met, too. We still bet they are close, even if not physically.

Cool pictures. No spam seen. We have two canals close to us, but "close to us" means within an hour or so drive. We'd be surprised to find out the US has as many as your country. They just aren't so common here, so we love seeing the photos of that, too.

Did you buy anything?

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Hey wer yu safe? On the pikcher ov yu leevin it looks like thare waz a lion on the train wiv yu in the bakgrownd!

So cool that yu met Hammie. It's grayte to meet uther bloggers!

Sullivan McPig said...

@ The Teddy Bear Family: I love canals and there are a lot of them in the Netherlands
And I bought some cards and jam!

@B.T. Bear (esq.): Luckily it wasn't a lion , but a lady with weird hair.

vvb32 reads said...

what a fun day! super cool alien contact!