Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Nice Saturday

Yesterday Cthulhu took over my blog as he was trying to draw your attention to the post about his hometown at my other blog that I posted there today. Here you see Cthulhu together with his minions.

Today I went into town with my owner and a friend. We started out with getting something to drink and we had these yummie chocolates too. They were with pecans and honey.

We visited a store that sold stuff for when you go camping and for some reason they also had this statue there.

Sneaking in more Martini tower spam.

And this tower thing is cool too!

At the Market Squeare there was a horse and carriage!

I had a little chat with the horse and she told me she didn't like all the loud music from the fair that was just to the right of us. I hope she got to go somewhere a bit more quiet after we left.

We had a fun afternoon and look what my owner got me: my own little canister with spices, so I can spice my own food with it.


Hammie en Gea said...

Camping stores are fun to visit! I like your canister with spices! I've been reading the post about Cthulhu's hometown, very interesting!
Nice pictures of Groningen too! I'm going to help G. with her mandala's now (only two weeks till the artmarket!!!) We'll be very busy these two weeks!

cindy said...

looks like fun! :) and that chocolate looks yummy!

Sullivan McPig said...

Thanks :-)
And the chocolate was sooo good!