Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lucky Pig

Yesterday at the end of the afternoon there was mail for me!

There was a beautiful card send to me by Beanie.
I love churches and cathedrals. Thanks Beanie!

And there was a package from Hammie.
I wonder what's in it.

Another great card!
Hammie bought this one at the Hunebedmuseum, where I also went for a visit last year.

And a present!

Inside it were a small chocolate egg and a lucky pig!
I saw a lucky pig like this at Hammie's blog and told him how cool it was and now he send me my own lucky pig, so that does make me a lucky pig as well I think.

Thanks Hammie!
I love my lucky pig!


Hammie en Gea said...

Yes! It got there alright! We were a bit afraid it would be broken in the mail. We hope it brings you and everone at your house a lot of luck!

Sullivan McPig said...

I'm sure it will, if only just by getting all happy by looking at it!

Marlowe said...

That's quite a cute little pig!

I like your postcard!

titania86 said...

Both lucky pigs are adorable! :D

Demented Wench said...

That lucky pig is very cute.

Sullivan McPig said...

Thanks everyone

@Demented Wench: I'm going to assume you didn't mean me as you think I'm evil ;-p

Patricia said...

I think you are a verry spoiled pig. With all that cards and pressents you get :)

Sullivan McPig said...

Yeah, isn't that great! I get more fun mail than my owner ;-)

Patricia said...

fun mail or fan mail :D