Saturday, April 24, 2010

A-Church and Cards

Especially for Beanie and others who haven't seen it yet I start this post with a link to my post of March 18th 2009. It has a link to the news item that features me! It was broadcast on local television. Lots of Dutch talking, but you can see me being hugged by a (famous) Dutch author of books about animals and such. Just go here and click on the link at the start of the post.

Now on to my day.

It's a great day with lots of sun so my owner and me went into town. Here you can see the tower of the A-Church, one of the churches in the center of Groningen.

We had to buy a birthday card for someone and my owner got me a card as well! It's from Geertje van der Zijpp and it has a hippo and a pig in it! And you can't see it very well in this picture, but there's also a mouse (on the back of the dog) and a hamster (on the back of the pig) and ofcourse other fun animals. Now isn't that a cool card!

We also got this card which is very weird, but also very beautiful I think.


Hammie en Gea said...

A card with all of us on it!!! That's very cool! I like the drawings of Geertje! And my hedgehog is very happy too at your card, wearing all those little flags! I like the octopus card too. Did you go to the bookshop near the A church? They have a lot of beautiful cards there. Have a nice weekend! And will you say hello from us to Coco and his owner? We haven't seen them for so long but we think of them!

Marlowe said...

I went and watched your piece of fame! It's really cool. What kind of books does the author write? I know they're about animals, but does he tells stories?

Sullivan McPig said...

@Marlowe: He's a biologist and doesn't tell stories, he writes non fiction, but in a very funny way I think. He's written lots of small articles about animals and some bigger books about things like death/decay, sports, children and such. He's a very cool author and person. He's got a great sense of humour.

@Hammie: Yup, that's the store!
And I'll tell Coco and E. hi from you. very busy with work and can't find enough energy to blog as well.

Found art blog said...

What a fun card!!!!

Found art blog said...

OH HOW FUN!!! Sullivan got on the Telly Vision!!!!!

Patricia said...

Cool cards you bought. And the photo of the churg is verry nice.