Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A trip to Amsterdam

We planned to celebrate Sint Maarten today, but due to circumstances our plans had to be cancelled and instead we decided to make a trip to Amsterdam.

It was very rainy all the way to Amsterdam, luckily we were going by train so it didn't bother us.

Me playing with the hat of my owner's OH.

We had this really tasty candy to eat on the train: Anijsegeltjes (anise hedgehogs). It's liquorice covered with anise.

At the station in Amsterdam they had lots of billboards with poems on them. I really liked this one and thought Hammie might like it too.

On the Dam (a large square in Amsterdam) we paid a visit to the national monument which was totally covered with pidgeons.

As you can see there was even a pidgeon balancing on the nose of this stone dog.

Look: a water lock that was named Pig Lock!

We visited some clothing shops and at one shop there was this huge pirate voodoo doll! He was very friendly and I had a little chat with him while my owner was browsing for clothes.

Well...... I'm insulted!
A pig would never do such a thing on a doorstep!

Here I am with a distant relative and some other animals we encountered at a store that sold plushies. My relative was a bit gloomy I must say.

Sight Seeing!
As you can see it was cloudy and grey but luckily it only rained a little from time to time.

I really like this house, it's very pretty I think.

A store full of comics and graphic novels! Sooooooo tempting.

I really liked this one as it had a badger as a lead character, but it was very expensive.
We did buy some other comics though.

After all our shopping was done we had something to eat and then we took a train home again. All in all I had a great day.


Demented Wench said...

That candy looks yummy but be careful around the pidgeons, they aren't clean animals like pigs you know.

Eve said...

What a fun day! Yes, a pig would never do that Sullivan (about peeing on the doorstep, lol)!!! I would be insulted too. Awww, one of your ancestors did look sad. :( But I think someone is going to take him home soon.

I really like seeing your travels so much Sullivan. Makes me feel like I'm right there with you. ^_^ Maybe one day for real!

Take care~Your friend, Eve

Hammie en Gea said...

What a great trip! I don't understand why those people say that about pigs! Thank you for the poempicture, you're right, we like that a lot! I hope that someone takes home the pig, he realy looks like he needs a cosy house to come home to! We have some comics here, do you know Calvin and Hobbes/Casper en Hobbes? We've got them all. I agree with Eve that it's nice to travel with you and I hope for you and your owner and Eve that one day you will meet!

Sullivan McPig said...

@Demented Wench: I was careful and stayed a safe distance away!

@Eve: I'd love to show you around some of the cool spots in the Netherlands some day. (Not to mention I'd also love to come your way so you could show me around. Better start wishing I get filthy rich soon ;-) )

@Hammie: We got all the Calvin and Hobbes comics too! I love those.

Hammie en Gea said...

G. says that I have to tell you that she already thought that you might like them...

Found art blog said...

Oh I love Amsterdam! Andrea took me there in January but she had a brand new camera that she only bought the day before we travelled, and accidentally took all the pictures off it before we could blog them! She says that she's going to take me again to Amsterdam, though.

Sullivan McPig said...

@Beanie: Egh, that's bad, but a good reason to visit Amsterdam again :-)