Saturday, November 7, 2009

Air Castles, Really Cool Expo and Noodles

We went shopping today, but we had difficulty getting to the shops as there was some kind of festival in the park with lots of children and air castles. We had to make a detour as we weren't allowed to go through the park.

On our way to the grocery store I spotted this sign.
An expo of the work of Geertje van der Zijpp!
My owner and I love her work so we had to take a look offcourse.

Me in front of her most beautiful piece!
As you can see on the picture below we have this as a card on the noticeboard next to the computer at home, but it's a totally different thing to see it this big I can tell you! Tomorrow is the last day of the expo, so I'm glad we had the chance to see it today.

There were also lots of cards for sale at the expo so I bought a card with a pig on it for my brother Angus, who loved it.

After the expo we did our shopping, including a new batch of cups of noodles as Domo had a taste for more of the cow noodles.


Cindy said...

LOVE the artwork! i'm going to have to check out more by this artist for sure!

Found art blog said...

Oh I LOVE THIS!!!! How exciting!! I love finding things by accident!!

Karen said...

The "festival" you came across was the Plantsoenloop, a run through the park, not just for kids, but loved by them especially. They could choose 1km (for the youngest ones as of 4 yrs old!), 2 km / 4 km (schoolkids) and 8 km (kids and adults). A pity I didn;t see you, only your owner. I was cheering to all the runners as they were struggling along! The last 8km run turned out to be a true killerrun: up and down the hills of the park many of the runners stopped running and walked to the finishline... Nonetheless I kept cheering for them. I think they liked it...

Eve said...

That's really cool that you went to the expo. Sounds like so much fun. Her work is really beautiful! It is very different seeing the "piece" in person (I've seen some in books then in person & WOW, what a difference!).

Next time we swap, I would like some of those cute (well definitely the packaging) noodles. And my Domo would prob like 'em too! ;)

Take care~

Sullivan McPig said...

@Karen: Oooh, didn't know that. Thanks for explaining. I didn't see you either as I was in my owner's bag as it looked like it might start raining. We really should meet soon for poffertjes!

@Eve: I'm sure your Domo will love them too! I will try to remember to send them to you on our next swap and maybe even throw in one with chicken if those are not sold out.

The Queen of Clearance. said...

wow. Sounds like a busy,packed day! I love the new card your got your brother! Looks very nice!

Hammie en Gea said...

We took a look at the website of Geertje van der Zijpp! We love the pictures!