Thursday, June 1, 2017

Movie Time!

On our last full day in Berlin we wanted to visit Filmpark Babelsberg, so we took an S-train to Babelsberg station.

This building is the City Hall for Babelsberg I think.

I noticed a sign that pointed the way to Babelsberg Park.

It was a walk of about 1 kilometer the sign said.
It felt a lot longer...

A river!

Wait a minute...
This is a normal park, not a Filmpark!

At least it was pretty there.
But we wanted to go to the Filmpark, so we had to walk all the way back to the station and there we took a bus so we wouldn't get lost again.

I know that movie! We must be at the right place.

There was a long lane with all kinds of statues that had to do with movies.

I think this duck is from a children's TV show.

Not sure if I recognize this dude...

King Kong!

This is 'Das Sandmännchen' (the little sandman). He's from a German TV show for children.

The robot from Metropolis!!
I love Metropolis, it's a really cool Science Fiction movie from 1927.

This is the Luck Dragon from The NeverEnding Story III

A Metropolis film poster.

There were lots of cool displays, like this critter that's also from The NeverEnding Story III if I'm not mistaken.

There were also sketches and artwork.
I really liked this one.

I got to fly on the Luck Dragon's nose!

More cool critters.

This lady was busy making plaster casts for movie props.

A cool mask.

Look out Orc beastie! Indiana Jones is behind you!

Something is behind me as well?

Coming next: More props and monsters.

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miki said...

looks like an interesting museum glad you were not lost for long