Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Exploring Berlin - Pergamon Museum

Another day, another breakfast.
This time we didn't need to be somewhere on time, so we could start the day at a more reasonable time.

After breakfast we first went in search for the grocery store. It was a warm, sunny day, so we wanted to make sure to have something to drink with us.

Next we went to museum isle.

The Berliner Dom.

There are lots of cool buildings at the museum isle.

And statues.

We visited the Pergamon museum again!
We have been there before, but it's such a cool museum.

I love the gate of Ishtar.

I think this is some Roman building...

Creepy baby angel.

Cool bearded Babylonian dude.

Bearded Babylonian Bull Dude with wings.

I especially love the cool bird creatures.

They have pine cones!

And another one.

The remnants of a statue.

It said these are lions, but I think they look like tigers.

Another half human, half beast something.

Part of the museum was closed for renovation.

There was a expo on Islamic art.
I really liked this camel.

And this scary bird pitcher.

The remains of an old temple or palace.

Coming next: Egyptians and more.

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miki said...

^^ i love getting glimpse of museums thanks to your adventures