Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Long Journey

Last Friday my owner and I went on a trip!

It was going to be a long journey, so we had to take snacks. I picked these pancakes! They were delicious.

We took a train to Amersfoort and there we got on an international train.

I received an early copy of Laura Bickle's upcoming release The Dragon's Playlist, so I read it on the train to pass the time. It's an awesome read!

Finally we arrived at our destination: Berlin!
We were staying at the same hotel we had stayed at on our previous trips to Berlin.

After such a long journey we were tired, but before retring to our room we had a drink.

And dinner. I had bread and french fries.
My owner had something to eat that shall not be named and of which I disapproved.

After dinner we went to our room and after watching part of a movie I went to sleep.

It had been a long day and my owner told me we had to get up really early the next day.


Jerry and Ben said...

International train...?? Where are you going?

miki said...

^^ looks good so far and it include good reads along the way so even better^^