Monday, May 15, 2017

Dinosaurs and the May Fair

Yesterday afternoon we decided to excavate the dinosaurs I got for Sinterklaas and Christmas last year.

There was a red marker with numbers on it to show where they wanted you to start the excavation.

There was a hammer included, so I started hammering and carving away to find the dinosaur bones.

Excavating dinosaur skeletons is hard work, so I took a break. There was a cool display thing for the dinosaur that I could use as a seat.

Slowly I started finding the bones.
Hmmm, these legs are in a weird position...

A good thing we used newspapers to catch the debris.

And here are the dinosaurs we excavated!
Aren't they cool!?

In the evening my owner took me to the May Fair!

We played a ball game and I won a T-Rex!
The T-Rex was very happy he got to come with us.

Some attractions looked cool, but a bit high.
I loved looking at this one, but I didn't take a ride on it.

The Jumper was cool though.
I rode it twice and it was awesome!

We also rode the roller coaster and that was really fun as well.

All in all I had a really great day!

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miki said...

i happy you loved the dinosaure(s)^^ and the fair sounded like a good time, so happy for you! But more fun even to come^^