Monday, July 11, 2016

Dinogami and Amsterdam

Last week my owner got me a box that contained a book with origami patterns to make origami dinosaurs and colored paper to make them.

I immediately tried the pattern to fold a triceratops.
Here is the result together with a dinosaur that was already folded to give you an example of what you can make with the dinogami box.

I think the triceratops turned out really well.
I made some other dinosaurs as well, but haven't taken pictures of them yet.

Today my owner took me to Amsterdam where she went on a shopping trip with a friend.

We didn't take any pictures in Amsterdam except for this one: a statue of some famous Salvation Army lady.

Back in Groningen I spotted a new store that had a T-Rex building kit!
I know what's on my wishlist now!

We ended our day out by getting sushi at our favorite restaurant.



RodeEgel said...


miki said...

oh new item for wishlist: dully noted!

Sullivan McPig said...

Don't even think it. Much too expensive!

Enbrethiliel said...


"Some famous Salvation Army lady . . ."

Well, she can't have been very famous. ;-)