Sunday, July 24, 2016

A New Friend

Thursday we had a surprise visitor.
Schmooples the Nug had traveled all the way from the US to come live with us.

Nugs are really cool creatures from the game Dragon Age. My owner and I love the game and the nugs. My owner's OtherHalf knows how much we love nugs, so that's why he invited Schmooples to come live with us.

These are the common nugs, who are about the size of a large rabbit.

This is a War Nug.
He's really big and strong and can be used as a mount.

Schmooples gave me a nuggyback ride to show he's really strong as well.

I think Schmooples and I will get along really well together.

And of course Schmooples wanted to play Dragon Age with us.

Thanks, E.!

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